How to Feel Good Even When Rotten Things Happen

A Practical Guide to Using Anxiety as Your Allly in Your Relationships at home and business! 

Are you ready to learn valuable information that will help you understand "how" to keep growing and learning from anxiety in your life? 

Do you want the freedom of knowing "how" you never have to feel stuck again with panic the next time something rotten happens in your life?

Wouldn't you love a practical guide for understanding "why" you keep getting stuck in the same situations with the same type of people?

Are you ready to listen to what the anxiety in your body is telling you and stop trying to just treat the symptoms? (just to have them come back again and again!)

"Bad Apples" will give you a practical approach to Use Your Anxiety as Your Ally:

  • Learn why anxiety is actually your mind's way of communicating with you that it's time for you to pay attention to something important in your life.   
  • Learn how to stop thinking of your anxiety as negative, but rather a friend who is trying to keep you on track with growing all your relationships.  
  • Learn how unhealthy relationships affect your development and how to harness the powerful emotion of anxiety and use it to grow and thriive. 
  • Learn how to use your anxiety to actually focus more, be more productive and how to integrate your "creative" right brain with your "thinking" left brain.
  • Dr. Hartwell uses established parallel developmental models that allow anyone to put context around habitual hang-ups.”

    Cheryl Geslani, MS, PhD Candidate

    University of Hawaii
  • Bad Apples and Dr. Hartwell have changed my life!”

    Alan Centofante

    President of The Centofante Group
  • Bad
    offers both practical and actionable insights into how to get
    to know yourself at the core level, in all the layers and complexities
    of the self, and then how to build balance and resilience from there."

    Kara A. Miller

    Programs Specialist
  • Finally, a practical guide to feeling better. Dr. Hartwell helps us with an introspective review of our lives so that we can connect the dots and gain insight into our struggles."

    Penny R. Marzalik, PhD, APRN

  • Bad Apples helps people get to the core of issues so they can deal with them. It provides  the steps you need to follow to figure out the issues that are troubling you and what you need to do to deal with them head on, using the very effective developmental approach."  

    Helen McNeil

    Editor/Associate Publisher, HONOLULU Family Magazine

Dr. Lisa Hartwell

About the Author

Dr. Lisa Hartwell has always committed to her personal and professional growth among many different thriving orchards. She has also experience just as many good and rotten apple experiences in her life as most people.

Drawing on her many years experience as a trauma nurse from the mind-body connection, led her to continue growing as a professional with a thriving clinical psychology practice in Hawaii, where most people believe life is stress-free with warm weather year-round and gorgeous beaches. With almost 30 years of using a normalizing developmental aproach with clients, she has guided an abundance of various clients, leaders, and high-achievers in decision-making that increases the bottom line, improves all their relationships

and helps them achieve more peace and greater success in all areas of life ... no matter what rotten experiences they too may have experienced. Dr. Hartwell lives an abundant life in Hawaii with her loving husband and adventurous son, within many orchards that all are committed to help each other grow and thrive. She is most excited about getting Bad Apples our of her head and office, and into the hands and hearts of many so they too can feel good even though rotten things happen in life.

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